ND Buddy Program

It's great that all of you have volunteered to be part of the '55 Buddies' Group!
Our mission is quite simple  -  to reach out to fellow classmates who are experiencing medical problems or coping with family members who have serious problems.
We will try to keep this as simple as possible, and I'm sure it will evolve as we go along.
First of all, I'm delighted to announce that Lee Crean has agreed to be the Buddies' Captain and coordinate our efforts. 
1.    When we receive news of a classmate with a problem,Lee will send out an e-mail to the entire group asking if anyone knows that person.  If you do, then let Lee know immediately so that he knows that you will make the contact.  Either he or I will provide you with contact information.
2.    If no one responds to the initial e-mail, Lee will then assign the classmate to one of you, working in alphabetical order. 
3.    After making the contact, please send Lee and me a status report so that we know that all the bases have been covered.  It you decide to continue being a 'buddy' with your classmate, that would be even better!
4.  Your reports on your classmates will be used in the newsletter I produce and on the '55 web site that Bob McGrath maintains.  If cancer is the problem, please urge the classmate and family to contact one of the members of our Cancer Support Group listed in the newsletter and on the '55 web site (www.ND55.org)
Again, thanks for participating in this new and important activity.  If you have any questions, just let us know.
classmate Buddy Volunteers

Larry Buckley 985  892-7898 lbuckley55@bellsouth.net
Pete Campbell 573-459-6774
Emmet Cassidy 708  799-6723 EPC19122@msn.com
Don Cavett 203  655-0852 cavett@optonline.net
Wally Clarke 916  872-8441 wally_clarke@ymail.com
Denny Conway 541  747-0495 drnd55@hotmail.com
Lee Crean 504  338-3697 leecrean@yahoo.com
Ron Davis 312  603-6087 knuterockne@msn.com
Jack Flynn 708  652-9700 jflynnd55@gmail.com
Dan Healy 281  497-1610 dfhealy@gmail.com
Jim Hesburgh 847  235-2904 jlhesburgh@comcast.net
Ed Kelly 941  922-7280 kellyrkek@aol.com
Joe Nassif 919  967-2368 JLN55nd@aol.com
Charles Pollnow 314  994-7988 cpollnow@charter.net
Jim Reno 540  904-2377 jimreno@cox.net
Hugh Schaefer 520  225-0515 Hubedoo@aol.com
Frank Schmidt 504  895-6822 fesmd@yahoo.com
George Vosmik 440  333-6133 vosflyty@sbcglobal.nethalnd55@aol.com
Hal Willenborg 808  261-1046 halnd55@aol.com

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